At Dietandweightloss, you can enjoy all the foods you love - nothing is off limits! Our formula is designed to work and fit with your lifestyle.

Meet The Founder Ashley Hubbard 

Our Promise To You

We've helped thousands of men, women and children from across the globe to achieve weight loss success.

People are tired of hearing the same old generic and vague advice that unfortunately most Diet coaches have to offer, and they are equally disenchanted with the very often poor guidelines that many fad diets dish out. Our advice, strategies and methods provide REAL and TANGIBLE results and can be applied in a way that remains in line with your core principles, your personal goals and lifestyle.

I have given advice for men and women of all ages, from all different social and cultural backgrounds, with varying sticking points in achieving real results with there weight loss goals. Although there are clear universal rules when it comes to weight loss,  we are of course sensitive to the different cultural, age or any other specific nuances that can influence process of achieving the goal weight for an individual.

Here's a few of the things that we've helped others to achieve through lifestyle changes:

  • Healthy relationship with friends and family
  • Higher Self confidence
  • Healthy outlook on exercise
  • Healthy relationships with food 
  • Higher self esteem and healthy body shape image

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